The Art of The Shirt Recut

There are millions of shirts hanging in closets that need desperate attention.

Ask the millions of men going a shirt buying spreed and they will tell you they hate doing it because its a pain in the rear end.

Shirts to baggy, sleeves too long, shoulder yoke off the shoulder end, shirt length too long, armhole to big, sleeve too wide, etc. The new revolution men are discovering is that they don't have to put up with it any longer.

Now you can learn all the techniques of taking a store bought shirt and turning them into custom made.

Learn how you will acquire the correction measurements to apply to recuts
You will learn all the scenarios that you will encounter for recutting
Be taught with video instruction exactly how its done
You will be shown the tools needed to accomplish the job
We will provide you with the Shirt Pattern Calculator
All the support needed during your learning

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Great shirts start with great custom patterns