The Art of Collar Making

I am sure you have heard that custom shirtmaking is a dying art. Its so true, there are no schools. Some may argue that Fashion schools teach shirtmaking. What I have learned is that most fashion schools students that have come to purchase our instruction realizing what is really involved in completing a custom shirt collar

I believe that the custom shirt collar is the the show case of the custom shirt. The mastery of the shirt is in the collar. Most of your custom shirt shops that are successful have several employees and in most cases the owner is the collar maker.

Why is the shirt collar so important? First of all its what most people see when they face you. Its the shapely of the collar that makes it lay properly. Collars that have been done correctly will always iron properly because of the many steps in assuring that it will remain so after coming back from the laundry.

The collar making starts with the fabric, it is washed shrunk and stretched untill it lays in its final stage. Only then is the pattern placed on it to cut. Putting the shirt collar on grain and being carefull in stitching accurate seam allowances is very important. The collar making tutorial shows you all the steps in the collar making process.

I am sure you have heard the stories about students trying to put a collar on a shirt. But what they don't know is that the preparation of the neckline is very important to insure that the collar goes in smoothly and that it lays properly. The Collar Making Tutorial will show you techniques that shirtmakers have been using for a hundred years to make the collar go into the neckline without a problem.

Shirt collar making is a specialization. Did you realize how many shirts go through a laundry service with collars that are stain,torn, too small, too big and maybe the customer does not even like the style. Its a great opportunity for income.

Tailors, seamstresses and laundry alteration departments have added this service on to what they provide their customers. Remember there is a cleaner outlet on every corner, a great source for business.

Our instruction is real custom shirtmaking. All courses purchased entitle you to email support 24/7.

For those interested in starting their own collar making business check out

Good luck in your collar making

Mike Maldonado
Custom ShirtMaker

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