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The Art of Custom ShirtMaking has been basically secretive for more than a hundred years. Whats so special about all the secrets. The old adage about "don't tell anyone and we won't have any competition" has been the mentality of the old shirtmakers. Imagine a shirt maker working all his adult life in the business and not leaving a whole lot about what he has mastered to future shirtmakers.

Hi! This is Mike Maldonado, a custom shirtmaker for over forty years. I was trained by the old school which does not exist today. What do I mean by the old school. I mean knowledge being pass on from one generation to another. How do you enter this generation, you have to know someone or be family. I have with best old time shirtmakers and managed to befriend and pick their brains before their passing.

I always tell the story when I first got started and wanted to learn the art of collar making. I would approach the work table of the master shirtmaker to try and observe and learn ,only to be put off, the shirt maker would notice and decide to take his break. How is one to learn if no one wants to let you look and observe. In those days I always promised myself that one day I would make all the info available on shirtmaking to anyone that wanted to learn.

This site is about creating a Shirtmaking Library. Its about catering to people who really want the best professional techniques in shirtmaking.

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